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Organic Vanilla Pods 16-18cm


Vanilla beans Organic 14-17cm. Price per KG

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Madagascar Black Vanilla by weight - pods 16-18cm

From 50g to 10kg.

Sold by weight - if the pods are small, you will receive more pods in your order to ensure you get value for money.

Gourmet Bourbon vanilla. You will be seduced by its woody and intense notes; cocoa and licorice, chocolate and caramel.

The pods are fleshy, mellow and shiny. They have a lovely black colour and the distinctive delicious vanilla aroma. The ideal moisture content of our vanilla pods mean they never split - this is indicative of their good quality. 

Our vanilla is grown in naturally wooded areas, using organic methods.
Cap d'Ambre Vanille is established in France AND Madagascar, allowing us to work closely with the farmers and following the vanilla through every stage, right from picking them from the plant all the way through to packaging and export. This allows us to guarantee a high quality product and an unbeatable price.

BLACK Vanilla
Humidity 29-30%
Vanillin 2%
Origin: Madagascar (maroantsetra)