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Sponsorship - share with your friends!

Sponsor someone to receive discounts!

With Cap d’Ambre Vanille, you have the ability to sponsor your friends and get even more attractive/competitive prices on our products.

How does this work?
Your sponsored party signs up to our website, indicating in the appropriate box the email address of his/her sponsor (you!). This sponsor must be a current client who has already ordered.
Immediately, the sponsored party who just signed up benefits from a discount valid on any order above €30. This is validated just before choosing the method of payment.
If the sponsored party makes an order of less than €30 this credit cannot be applied to the order, but remains valid for a later order.
Once the order of the sponsored party is completed, the sponsor is credited on his account. The credit is usable for all orders of over €30, and each credit can be combined!

The current value of the discount is:
• €4 discount for the sponsored party
• €4 for the sponsor for each first order of the sponsored party
• Discount value valid until 30/06/2020
Parrainez et obtenez des réductions !