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Cap d'Ambre Vanille in Madagascar

Our work in Madagascar

Vanilla is an exceptional product. Madagascar is the country with the biggest production of vanilla in the world, with a quality which has yet to be matched.

Lately we have heard many stories concerning issues of quality and security of production – all of this is real. For the last 3 years, we have worked with the aim of improving this reliability.

We have employed guards to monitor our crops before harvesting,
helped by overnight video surveillance systems
and drones which are used daily to inspect the farm.

Following the transformation from green pods to the black vanilla we know, the vanilla pods are sent to the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo.
We rent a private plane for secure and fast transport.

All these precautions mean we are not at risk of theft so we can leave the pods to mature as they should.

Here is a short video about the transformation of the vanilla beans:

The pods are transported to the depot before being sorted and graded.
They are blanched in hot water then left to sweat.

They stay under cover for several days where they progressively lose their moisture, starting to change from green to brown whilst developing their distinctive aroma.

Then comes the bulk of the work – sorting and drying. You can see these stages in the video below.
We stock our packaged produce with care in our shop in northern Madagascar. Our clients visit regularly to buy our products.

Recently, we invested money into ensuring our products comply with French standards BIO ECOCERT and EQUITABLE FLOCERT. We are now certified organic!

Feel free to admire our employees’ work in this short video: 

the story of the vanilla beans organic in madagascar