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Storing your vanilla pods

Preserving your Cap d'Ambre Vanilla Pods

Cap d’Ambre Vanille proposes 2 solutions to best preserve your vanilla pods:

Solution 1: Airtight jar – Choose the smallest jar possible which fits the pods, clean it thoroughly. Put the vanilla pods in the jar, keeping them close together to retain moisture to keep them from drying out. Store at room temperature, away from sunlight.

Solution 2: freezing – vanilla pods can be frozen and taken out as they are needed. This is a good solution to prevent the pods from drying out. The quality remains the same as the moment they are frozen. With the quality of Cap d’Ambre Vanille, you benefit from premium quality vanilla where the maturation process is already complete and the aromas are fully developed. This means there is no problem with freezing your vanilla pods once you receive them.
Alternatively, the pods can be vacuum packed.